Tim Kerby, LPC

Tim Kerby has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas since 2008. He transitioned to counseling as a second career after working in the telecom industry for over thirty years. This unique background has provided Tim with a wealth of life experience and a diverse skill set that he brings to his practice. 

Tim enjoys working with couples and individuals to explore problem areas and develop realistic, workable solutions to improve their well-being. He collaborates with clients to create tailored plans aimed at achieving a higher level of functioning and fostering open communication. His approach emphasizes the significant impact of thoughts on feelings and outcomes, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients evaluate their thinking, correct communication issues, and focus on what is truly important in their relationships. Tim’s method has proven to be highly effective in preventing misunderstandings and enhancing relational dynamics.

Tim has a gift for connecting with couples by meeting them where they are and providing support and guidance through difficult circumstances. His ability to help clients gain clarity about their relationships’ potential is rooted in his own life experiences, including his long career in telecom and his personal journey in marriage and family life. Tim’s empathetic nature and practical approach make him a trusted and effective counselor, dedicated to helping his clients achieve meaningful and lasting change.

When Tim is not engaged in the work he loves, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors. He is an avid enthusiast of camping, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, and fly fishing. These activities not only provide him with personal joy and relaxation but also inspire his therapeutic practices.