Social Skills Group For Kids BrightWay Counseling & Wellness

What is it?

Social Skills Group is process- oriented with art activities that target the “unwritten social rules” that guide successful social relationships and lay the foundation for life-long friendships. Goals and reinforcement ideas are designed to help children develop and integrate:

Social behavioral skillsSocial-emotional and cognitive skillsSocial perceptual skillsBenefits of group

During Social Skills Group, children learn skills in a safe and supportive environment where they can get helpful feedback.

Children can gain self-confidence and gain proof they can be socially successful (making them more likely to use skills outside of the group); and tools that they can apply to real-life experiences.

What you can expect

Social Skills Groups engage your child in age-appropriate and motivating tasks so they can learn and master valuable social skills. The group therapy format offers a safe and comfortable setting to learn, practice, and develop meaningful relationships.

Is it right for your child?

Social Skills Group is designed for school-aged children who are not struggling academically but have difficulty interacting with peers and making friends.

If your child needs to:

Develop positive self-worthBuild problem-solving skillsLearn conflict-resolution skillsPractice social communicationEnhance social skillsBecome more comfortable in social settingsImprove relationships with peers

…then the group might be an appropriate way to assist your child.


Ages 4-6: 12 pm-1:30 pmAges 7-9: 2 pm-3:30 pm