A research-based course for couples that are newly engaged or married. Prepare/Enrich is an evidenced based program to identify ways to improve and strengthen relationships. Couples who participate will be able to identify aspects of their personalities and family of origin along with strengths and weaknesses that will enhance their relationship. The group is a fun and interactive way to participate with other couples in various stages. This group will be led by Matthew Bagley, LPC Associate, supervised by Dr. Cassie Rushing. Read more about Matthew here:

Benefits of Prepare/Enrich:

Couples will learn more about themselves as individuals, how family of origin experiences can impact relationships, identify needs, strengths and areas of focus.

Engaged Couples:

Prepare/Enrich group participants will receive a certificate of completion which can be presented to the Texas County clerk to waive the marriage license fee, or the 72-hour required waiting period.